Save The Dates

Dear Goldsmith Families-

Just a few quick updates in the life of our school:

The weather is getting colder and the snow has started to fall!

This is a just a friendly reminder of a few things that will help your student get through the winter with the best possible health and comfort.

  1. We try to get outside to play, even when it gets cold! We believe that the fresh air and exercise are beneficial to growing bodies. Our general guideline is that if it is 35 degrees or warmer we will try to get the kids outside. So be sure to send hats, coats, and gloves with the kids so they can enjoy the playtime. If it feels colder than 35 we will generally stay inside.
  2. Be sure to wash backpacks and shoes from time to time. Whether you use a Lysol type product or a gentle setting in the washing machine, these two items frequently get overlooked. Cold and flu germs are everywhere!

We also have several new families who are car riders, so please remember these basics:

  1. When you pull up to the school in the AM please pull as far forward as possible. We can unload three and four cars at a time if everyone does this.
  2. The adults in the morning who are greeting the children can open the car doors for them, but they do not need If you have a “big kid” who can operate the door on his or her own please do not feel like you have to wait for one of the adults to do it.
  3. We cannot have any car riders dropped in the front of the school. This is a safety issue, as buses are coming and going. If you are tardy we need you to park and escort the students in. There is signage but we still have parents dropping off up front regularly.
  4. We are asking that car riders who plan to eat breakfast arrive by 8:40 AM. We will not withhold breakfast from students who arrive later, however an efficient opening of the day depends on getting the students in and out of the café before instruction begins at 9:05 AM.
  5. For both AM and PM car riders, please make the lot a “phone free zone.” We need all eyes up so we can be safe and efficient.

Finally, please save these dates:

January 29 5:30 PM Goldsmith Innovator Night. Come check out some student projects!

February 7 6:30 PM Skating Party at Robbens Roost

February 14 8:00 AM For The Love of Books

February 21 5:30 PM Parent Info Night – Internet Safety for Students

February 26 5:30 PM Parent Info Night- JCPS Backpack of Skills

March 21 6:00 PM Goldsmith International Festival


Jeremy D. Renner

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Flu Prevention


Some flu prevention tips from Nurse Gina:

Flu Prevention Tips

We can all do our part in staying healthy and avoiding the flu and other illnesses out there.  Here are a few tips to help you and your family in keeping the “doctor” and medications away.


Wash your hands –

Wash your hands using warm soapy water for 20 seconds is the best defense.  Do not touch your face, the flu gets in your body through your nose, mouth or eyes.


When you cough or sneeze, do so in your elbow not to spread germs.  If you use a tissue, throw it away and wash your hands.

Clean it-

Door knobs, light switches, counter tops and remotes  need to be frequently cleaned and disinfected where the virus can live.  Also, don’t forget about your cell phone; disinfect daily, they are near your face.


Honey – Honey slows the growth of microbes that can cause infection.  It also known to help with allergy symptoms if using a “local” made honey.

Lemon Juice- Lemon contains Vitamin C and has antimicrobial properties.  You can squeeze into your water or use with cooking to get the benefits.

Ginger root- Ginger can ease vomiting, diarrhea and nausea.  Ginger is a warming spice and is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Vegetables- vegetables that contain antioxidants and vitamin C, these include leafy greens, Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and Broccoli.

Chicken Noodle Soup- Yes, it true! The chicken contains a compound called Carnosine. This helps slow inflammation caused by infections. Hot chicken noodle soup eases congestion.

Try some of these tips and let’s all do what we can to stay healthy and be ready to learn!

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Upcoming Events



This came home on paper last week. Hope to see you at the school! 

January 16th 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Parent Input Meeting

You will receive test score info and we want your input on how we can better help your family!

January 29th 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Goldsmith Innovator Night

Come take a tour of our students’ hard work as they show off their Backpack of Skills. We will have snacks and you can see a project your child has been working on in the classroom.

Future Events:

For the Love of Books – February 14th @ 8 a.m.

Come and read with your child before school and enjoy breakfast.

Backpack Informational Night – TBD in February

What is the JCPS Backpack?

We will have an informational night for parents to explain the Backpack and the expectation for each student

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Skate With Goldsmith Thursday

roller-skatesSkate With Goldsmith Thursday!

The Goldsmith PTA will host skating party on Thursday from 6:30-8:30  P.M.

Admission is $5 and an adult will need to be present with each student.

Robbens Roost is located at 5906 Six Mile Lane.

Future Skating Parties:


January 17 6:30 – 8:30

Feb 7 6:30- 8:30

March 21 6:30- 8:30

April 18 6:30- 8:30

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Dear JCPS Families:

The Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) District’s annual Comprehensive School Survey is now open through Friday, March 15. The survey is a valuable resource for helping identify specific needs and crafting strategies to ensure success for all JCPS students.

The survey is provided to all employees, families and students in grades four through 12 and is an important way to gain insight about academic indicators, school community, service, environment, safety and overall satisfaction. Families are encouraged to complete the survey to ensure that their feedback is part of the district’s decision-making process.

Your participation is confidential. No individual can or will be identified, and survey results will be reported as group data only. If you have more than one child attending a district school (or schools), please complete a survey for each.

The parent/guardian survey link is available here:

Thank you for sharing your important perspective with JCPS.


Dr. Marty Pollio

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SBDM Open Position

Dear School Families-

A paper version of this note will come home with the students Monday. We have a vacant spot on our Site Based Decision Making Council. The position will be for the remainder of this school year.

The details:



School Based Decision Making Council – SBDM

For Parent/Step-parent/Legal Guardian of a current Goldsmith Student

Qualifications:  A parent council member shall be a parent, step-parent, or legal guardian of a student enrolled in Goldsmith Elementary School during the council member’s term of office.  A parent representative on the council shall not be an employee or a relative of an employee of the school in which that parent serves, nor shall the parent representative be an employee or relative of an employee in the district administrative offices.

SBDM Members will need to attend a six (6) hour session where they learn about the role. If they serve a second term, they will need a three (3) hour session to keep current.
New SBDM Policy: There will be one parent elected to a two year term and one parent elected to a one year term.

After 2018-19 the parent terms will all be two years.

Parents may nominate themselves or another parent (with consent from that parent).
Name of Nominee:  _____________________________________    Phone: _________________

Name and Grade of Children Enrolled in Goldsmith Elementary

_____________________________________    ________________________________

Nominated By: ________________________      Date: __________________________

I accept this nomination and hereby certify that I am eligible to serve and will make myself available to serve on this council as an elected representative of the parents and guardians of Goldsmith students and I meet all the qualifications as described above.  

Signature of Nominee: ________________________________   Date:                           ______

Printed Name: _____________________________________


Nominees may submit a short biography or a brief reason why they should be elected to this council position.  This information will be printed and distributed prior to the election:






Return this form to Goldsmith Elementary January 7- January 10


A ballot will go home with students on January 10.

 INFORMATION ABOUT School Based Decision Making Council (SBDM)
What is the School Based Decision Making Council?

The SBDM is the governing body for the school.  It determines school policy for curriculum, staffing, discipline, scheduling, instructional practices, extra-curricular activities and other matters pertinent to the operation of the school.
When does the Goldsmith SBDM meet?

The council meets at the school once a month. We currently meet on the first Thursday of each month at 4:30 PM.


Who serves on the council?

Two parents, three teachers, and the principal serve on the council.
Who may run for SBDM?

Any parent, step-parent, foster parent or legal guardian of a student who will be

attending the school during the parent’s term of office.  A parent is ineligible if he/she is an employee or a relative of an employee of that school or district central office, or a local school boards member or the spouse of a school board member.
What are the Terms of Office?


The terms of office for teacher and parent representatives to the SBDM Council will begin on July 1 and end on June 30 of the next year


This position will end on June 30 and a new nomination and election will take place.

Who may vote in the election?

Parents, step-parents, foster parents, legal guardians of student attending Goldsmith Elementary may vote.
When do we vote?


A ballot will go home with students on January 10. Please return ballot on January 11. It will also be posted online at


The Goldsmith PTA will count the ballots on the afternoon of January 11.


Voting will also take place all day on January 11. All parents are also invited to vote by coming in to the school office. The office hours will be 8:30 AM-4:30 PM.


There is one parent position available.

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Future Highland Parents

From our friends at Highland Middle School:

Hello all,

I am a teacher rep on Highland Middle School’s SBDM and Principal Selection Committee, I am tasked with getting input from FUTURE Highland parents.  We would love to hear from anyone interested, please pass this link on to your parents so that we may have their input for the future leader of Highland.

Highland MS Principal Selection Survey

Take this survey powered by Create your own surveys for free.

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