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Dear Families: We hope that all of our families are staying safe and gearing up for Non-Traditional Instruction on April 7.

Do you own or manage a small business? We know that a lot of small businesses are being negatively impacted by the current pandemic. 

The staff at Goldsmith and Watterson Elementary schools would like to help in any way possible. We have created a web page where we will list the small businesses that are owned or managed by families connected to our two schools. 

We hope that by publishing this directory, the rest of the school community will consider using these local businesses now and and when we return to normal. 

If you would like us to list your business, all you have to do is fill out this form. Click Here

If you would like to support the businesses go to this website. Click Here (Hint: Add to Home Screen of your phone).

Stand by for more information about picking up Chromebooks, Non Traditional Instruction and more!


Jeremy Renner, Goldsmith

Michael Hill, Watterson

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Updated Lunch Sites

The list of lunch sites continues to evolve. Some of the times for the mobile sites have changed. Current locations1 with times:


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Lunch Sites Added

There are new additional sites for meal pick up, starting today. You may go to the one that is convenient to you. All students age 18 and under may pick up meals.

Current list of sites: Click Here

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Ready Set Go!

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New Incoming Goldsmith Families

A quick note for our incoming Kindergarten and Magnet families:

  1. Magnet welcome letters went out yesterday. Take this ‘down time’ to accept placement.
  2. Magnet students will have priority placement in Spanish Immersion classes. This will be a separate mailer at a later time. Watch for this letter once the office opens back up.
  3. The “Second Choice” selection window has moved to April 17.  If you are still interested in Goldsmith and/or Spanish Immersion we will be happy to have you. Again, we will place magnet students in Spanish Immersion first.
  4. Historically we have had a wait list for Immersion, however we have been able to get all interested families in to Immersion classes eventually.
  5. We will have between 1 to 3 seats open up in Spanish Immersion at all grade levels for the new school year.  Be sure to contact the office if this is appealing to you for your student. At Goldsmith the Immersion classes work on math and science in Spanish while they work on Reading and Writing in English.
  6. JCPS Student Assignment is working from home during the shutdown; contact them at or 485-6250


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Goldsmith Updates

Just a few updates:

  1. We will be sharing some learning opportunities on Facebook here shortly. Like us  and interact with us, on Facebook. Coming up we will have a Saint Patrick’s Day lesson and a story time.
  2. Thew school office is closed.
  3. The meals are still available. They have started offering breakfast and they have added a few sites. You may go next door to Seneca OR the site closest to home. Full List here
  4. The JCPS Homepage and social media are the most current sources for information.
  5. See  previous post as well as JCPS Homepage and Goldsmith Facebook regarding learning options while at home.

How can we help you and your family?

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Update: School Work During Closing

Updated on 3/16

During the time school is not in session, we want to do everything we can to ensure learning continues for our students.

Materials can also be accessed at this link on the JCPS website.

If you missed Friday, we have your packets available for pick up.

Goldsmith students have access to online learning through Google Classroom and Clever. They have their user ID and passwords in their agenda.

Your students have access to online eBooks in English and Spanish as well as informational articles and videos.  Students are used to accessing these materials through our library web page.

The Ed Tech industry has responded to the unexpected closures by offering free trials to many services. Some of the most appealing can be found here.  If that list is overwhelming, start with the items that are already available on our page, in Google Classroom and Clever, and/or Scholastic.

It’s also important that student take a break from screens as well.  Outside play (with safe distance from friends) is still important and there are a lot of non-screen activities for younger kids  as well as older kids that will help your students fill their day.

Hope all of our Goldsmith friends stay healthy. Let us know how you are doing by posting to our school Facebook page.

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