Summer Learning

Summer Learning Opportunities from JCPS: Summer League

Summer Clubs from Goldsmith Staff on Google Meets:

Summer Online Clubs and Enrichment

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Clubs Begin Week of June 1


12:00 PM Yoga Club

Ms. Cecil will be instructing a kids yoga class at noon. Use Google Meet Code: gescecil 


11:00 AM Reading Club

Ms Garren will read a chapter of a really good book and we’ll discuss. Really casual and fun!

Google Meet Code: gesgarren

2:30 PM Spanish Culture Club. 

Discuss aspects of culture and art with Ms. Triana and other Goldsmith teachers. Google Meet Code: gesesp


10:30 AM Harry Potter 

Ms. Tatum will be reading and discussing Harry Potter. Her class is on book 3, all students are welcome to join. Use Google Meet Code: gestatum

2:30 PM Garden Club 

Updates on garden and critters found in the garden. Google Meet Code: geslamm

5:00 pm K- 2 Read Alouds

Bella and Rosie Read alouds with Mrs. Recktenwald. Discuss those silly dogs and their friends. Google Meet Code: gesreck 


2:30 PM Spanish Conversation Club

Talk to your friends and teachers in friendly conversation fully in Spanish. Native speakers, immersion students, and all others are invited. Google Meet Code: gesesp


8:00 PM Bedtime Story 

Join us every night for a bedtime story. Use Code gesstories

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