Family Update 4 17

Family Update:

I hope the first full week of NTI was a great one for you and your children. We are making the best of a bad situation and we have all enjoyed the online contact that we have had with the students this week. 

I have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that my staff and I have answered this week. I hope it helps, and if you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask. 

We had been struggling with our voice mail at school. We were not able to check it remotely but we are now. It still is a little hard to hear, and we have requested it to be looked at. Please bear with us as we all are learning about remote work together. 

As always, we have tried to keep the school website up to date. We have an NTI/Coronavirus tab with the class schedules and much more information on them. 

We know that this is a stressful time for students and families. Please reach out if the school can help in any way. 

Here are some of the main questions that families have been asking over the last few weeks:

Problem: I  can’t get in to Google Classroom or Live Google Meeting
Possible Solution:  It is important that the student is logged in with JCPS User ID and Password. He/She will not  be able to get into Google Classroom or Live Meetings without it. Every staff member has the ability to look up your child’s name and original password. If it has been changed and forgotten, we have one staff member who can reset it. 
Problem: Hardware and Software issues
Generally speaking, Chrome is preferred browser if on a computer of any flavor. Tablets such as a Kindle or iPad? Chrome is available in the different app stores and so are individual apps for Classroom and Meets. Vital that the student is logged in with JCPS ID- See above

Problems with the JCPS issued Chromebook? Parents can request support with here:

Problem: Training Needed on Google Classroom or Other Tools
Parents can do a lot of self-help on the District NTI Page. There is guidance on Google Classroom, FAQs about NTI in general, Backpack Information and more. There are live and recorded parent sessions. See: 
Problem: I am not sure what the daily or weekly work schedule is.
Teachers are posting work for the following week each Friday. Teachers are accepting late work all during NTI. Work is turned in on Google Classroom or shared during a live session. The Goldsmith Web Page has an NTI Coronavirus Tab on it with our schedule, live schedule and weekly plans on it. See
Problem: Mental Health/Stress/Frustration
If students are getting frustrated with the school work, it is okay to take a break and complete the work later. If the work is taking longer than 2-3 hours per day, reach out to the teacher and we can modify and adjust assignments.

The Goldsmith counselor and the culture and climate team is on call for live mental health support and can help families with stress and anxiety during NTI. They can be reached at:

Problem: No Access or Limited Computer Access
JCPS Choice Boards. Picked up at food site and linked here for people who have some access to tech:

Coming soon: Ability to turn in items at food sites. 

Question: Where are the lunch sites?
Food Sites:


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