New Incoming Goldsmith Families

A quick note for our incoming Kindergarten and Magnet families:

  1. Magnet welcome letters went out yesterday. Take this ‘down time’ to accept placement.
  2. Magnet students will have priority placement in Spanish Immersion classes. This will be a separate mailer at a later time. Watch for this letter once the office opens back up.
  3. The “Second Choice” selection window has moved to April 17.  If you are still interested in Goldsmith and/or Spanish Immersion we will be happy to have you. Again, we will place magnet students in Spanish Immersion first.
  4. Historically we have had a wait list for Immersion, however we have been able to get all interested families in to Immersion classes eventually.
  5. We will have between 1 to 3 seats open up in Spanish Immersion at all grade levels for the new school year.  Be sure to contact the office if this is appealing to you for your student. At Goldsmith the Immersion classes work on math and science in Spanish while they work on Reading and Writing in English.
  6. JCPS Student Assignment is working from home during the shutdown; contact them at or 485-6250


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