Save The Dates

Dear Goldsmith Families-

Just a few quick updates in the life of our school:

The weather is getting colder and the snow has started to fall!

This is a just a friendly reminder of a few things that will help your student get through the winter with the best possible health and comfort.

  1. We try to get outside to play, even when it gets cold! We believe that the fresh air and exercise are beneficial to growing bodies. Our general guideline is that if it is 35 degrees or warmer we will try to get the kids outside. So be sure to send hats, coats, and gloves with the kids so they can enjoy the playtime. If it feels colder than 35 we will generally stay inside.
  2. Be sure to wash backpacks and shoes from time to time. Whether you use a Lysol type product or a gentle setting in the washing machine, these two items frequently get overlooked. Cold and flu germs are everywhere!

We also have several new families who are car riders, so please remember these basics:

  1. When you pull up to the school in the AM please pull as far forward as possible. We can unload three and four cars at a time if everyone does this.
  2. The adults in the morning who are greeting the children can open the car doors for them, but they do not need If you have a “big kid” who can operate the door on his or her own please do not feel like you have to wait for one of the adults to do it.
  3. We cannot have any car riders dropped in the front of the school. This is a safety issue, as buses are coming and going. If you are tardy we need you to park and escort the students in. There is signage but we still have parents dropping off up front regularly.
  4. We are asking that car riders who plan to eat breakfast arrive by 8:40 AM. We will not withhold breakfast from students who arrive later, however an efficient opening of the day depends on getting the students in and out of the café before instruction begins at 9:05 AM.
  5. For both AM and PM car riders, please make the lot a “phone free zone.” We need all eyes up so we can be safe and efficient.

Finally, please save these dates:

January 29 5:30 PM Goldsmith Innovator Night. Come check out some student projects!

February 7 6:30 PM Skating Party at Robbens Roost

February 14 8:00 AM For The Love of Books

February 21 5:30 PM Parent Info Night – Internet Safety for Students

February 26 5:30 PM Parent Info Night- JCPS Backpack of Skills

March 21 6:00 PM Goldsmith International Festival


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