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UPDATE on  House Bill 151, the “Neighborhood Schools Bill” — There are four days left in the 2017 Session of the General Assembly. So far, the Senate Education Committee has chosen not to consider the bill. In large measure, that is because legislators have heard from citizens. The Courier-Journal reported that “Several senators said they’ve heard from a huge number of opponents of the bill from Jefferson County.”

It is very important during these waning days of the Legislative Session that people who are concerned about HB 151 continue to call legislators in opposition to HB 151 and in support of local control of student assignment.

 The Legislative Message Line is 1-800-372-7181. People can request to leave a message for members of the Senate Education Committee and Senate Leadership.

The Jefferson County Board of Education unanimously adopted a position in support of local control of student assignment. The position states:

Retain Local Control Over Student Assignment -JCPS supports keeping the responsibility for student assignment to schools with local school boards, and strongly opposes legislation that would reduce or eliminate local control of student assignment.

If legislation is enacted that requires any local school board to change its current student assignments, the legislation should also provide that the additional expense to the school district will be paid with state General Fund appropriations.

The JCPS analysis of HB 151, as it passed the House, shows that  it would have a significant impact on the JCPS, and create:

  • Less choiceWould limit choice by potentially reducing seats in popular magnet programs and eliminating transfer opportunities.
  • Less certainty – Would significantly reduce certainty for families about which school their child would attend.
  • Less equity – Would reduce access to high performing schools and schools with special programs for students who live farther away from those schools.
  • Less diversity – Would create more schools that are more segregated by race and income.
  • Lower student achievement – Would increase the number of students attending high poverty and high minority non-magnet schools.
  • Less Innovation – HB 151/GA would prohibit JCPS from creating new magnet schools or traditional schools.

More information regarding the impact of HB 151 on JCPS families and students can be found at: https://www.jefferson.kyschools.us/hb-151hcs.

Attached is a complete legislative update, Legislative Update.

Thanks for all you do each day. You are awesome!! #We are JCPS!

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