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This information will come home on a paper today:

The PTA is currently accepting nominations for the 2015-2016 School Year.  If you want to be an active part of Goldsmith, please consider being an officer in our Goldsmith PTA.  If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for a board position on Goldsmith’s PTA, please respond to this email by Monday April 25.  All positions are open every year.  We will send out the results of the nominations over the weekend.  We will have an open meeting on May 24th to vote for the officers.  If you are not interested in serving as an officer but would like to learn about more opportunities to be active in the PTA please let us know.    Voting will take place in an open meeting on Tuesday, May 24th starting at 4:00pm.


Your Name: _________________________ Phone:_________________

Board Member Description and Nomination:


Officer Position I would like to nominate myself I would like to nominate (please write in the person’s names and phone number). 
President       Yes           No
Vice-President Membership       Yes           No
Vice-President Fundraising       Yes           No
Treasurer       Yes           No
Recording Secretary       Yes            No


President: Presides at all meetings and coordinates the work of the officers and committees of the PTA.

Vice President of Membership: Acts as an aide to the President, performs the duties of the president in his/her absence, oversees PTA Membership.

Vice President of Fundraising: Acts as an aide to the President, performs the duties of the president in his/her absence, oversees PTA Fundraising and serves as chair of the fundraising committee.

Treasurer: Keeps account of receipts and expenditures, presents a financial report at every meeting, is responsible for the maintenance of financial books.

Recording Secretary: Records all business transacted at each general meeting and board meeting, presents the minutes from the general meetings at the next meeting for approval, has on hand for reference at each meeting a copy of the previous minutes, agenda, treasurer report, bi-laws, and standing rules.


Although, several have volunteered to serve as officers, you can still nominate someone or self-nominate.


The list of volunteers currently are:

President: Joy Jacobs-Lawson

Vice-President of Membership: Adam Lawson

Vice-President of Fundraising: Angela Beverly

Treasurer: Rebecca Adkins

Secretary: Tracy Ruth

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