Build Your Favorite Storybook Character… Out of a Potato!


Here are the Rules:

  • Buy a potato or potatoes this week at the grocery store. The fresher, the better!!!
  • Decorate your potato like a character from a story. It can be a nursery rhyme, fairy tale, picture book, or fiction chapter book (NO MOVIES or TV SHOWS).
  • Stand the potato up. You can cut and use the bottom of a Styrofoam cup, or toothpicks.
  • With your entry, write the name of your character, your name, and your homeroom teacher’s name (see attached form). If possible, bring in the book.
  • Turn in your potatoes to your homeroom teacher by Tuesday March 15th.
  • Teachers will send these to the library no later than 10:00am Tuesday March 15th.
  • A panel of judges will vote for their top three in each grade level.
  • Voting will happen March 16th-23rd, and the winners will be announced Thursday March 24th.
  • The top winner from each grade level will receive a $10 gift certificate to the Spring Book Fair.

Form Will Be Coming Home Or Print This:

NAME: _______________________________________________

GRADE: ______________________________________________

HOMEROOM TEACHER: _________________________________

MY CHARACTER IS: _______________________________________________________

MY STORYBOOK CHARACTER IS FROM THE BOOK: __________________________________

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