Goldsmith Met AMO

Dear Goldsmith Parents:

You will hear a lot in the local media about the recent release of K-PREP scores in JCPS.

At Goldsmith Elementary we are proud of the hard work that the students and teachers have put in!

Some of the highlights of our results include:

  • Goldsmith met our Annual Measurable Objective (AMO). Our goal was 60.5 and we scored a 61. This is perhaps the most important metric. Our AMO will increase for the new testing cycle and it will be our goal to attain the higher number.
  • Goldsmith improved by 1.5 points. During the previous testing cycle we scored a 59.5 and did not meet AMO.
  • We had gains in the area of math; we increased by 2.6 where the District gained .8.
  • We gained in writing, though not at the pace the District gained.
  • We crushed Language Mechanics, making a 21 point gain. We outpaced the gains the District made and are close to the District average in this area.
  • We outperformed the District and state on the combined Reading and Math Growth goals.
  • We are narrowing the Opportunity Gap for minority students, in fact the African-American students at Goldsmith outperformed counterparts at the District and state level.

We will celebrate these gains in several ways, including a day of fun activities on October 15.

You can be very proud of the hard work the students and teachers have put in to make these gains. We will work to increase student achievement even more in the future. You can find detailed information about results for Goldsmith and other schools by viewing the “KDE School Report Card.”  If you have a 4th or 5th grade student you will receive their individual scores in the mail shortly.

Keep up the great work, Goldsmith!


Jeremy Renner, Ed.D.


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