Report Cards and Treats


Report cards were sent home yesterday.

Be sure to discuss the progress and achievement your student has made this term.

Did you know that several area businesses will give treats to children who bring in a great report card?

Chuck E Cheese:

Bring in your child’s report card to receive 15 free game play tokens for good grades. Valid at all Louisville locations.


Children in grades K – 8 receive one free kid’s scoop for an “A” on their report card. Valid at all Louisville locations.

Krispy Kreme:

Your child may receive one free doughnut for every A (or equivalent) on his/her report card. Up to 6 doughnuts per grading period. That means you can walk a way with a 1/2 dozen free doughnuts every 6 weeks! Valid at all Krispy Kreme locations.

Mr. Gattis:

Bring your child’s report card to earn free gameplay, as follows:

All A’s = $3.75 in gameplay
B’s & Better = $2.50 in gameplay
C’s & Better = $1.25 in gameplay
Report card must be presented within 2 weeks of receipt. Valid at Lyndon Ln. and Outer Loop locations only.

Renaissance Fun Park:

For all A’s on his/her report card, your child will receive one free attraction. Laser tag, mini golf or go karts!
For B’s & better, your child receives a buy-one-get-one-free discount.
The owner suggests bringing a photocopy of the report card, as RFP will keep it on file (like a coupon).

Sweet n Swirly:

10% off for every “A” up to a total discount of 50% off for 5 or more A’s

Sweet Frog Clarksville
6 free ounces

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If you know of other fun discounts provided for good grades, let us know and we will pass along the information!

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