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What: Field Trip to Camelot Assisted Living Care and Gattiland in Lyndon

When: Friday, December 14

Wear: Khaki on bottom and white uniform shirt. We will put Goldsmith field trip shirts on at school

Cost: signed permission slip

If you want to send a small amount of extra money, that is fine. The restaurant will provide game cards as a gift four our singing there


What: PTA/Concert for Parents in Goldsmith Gym

When: Tuesday December 18, 6;30 PM

Wear: khaki on bottom, white uniform shirt

With permission slip, your child may stay with Ms. Garren the afternoon of the concert. We will use that time to set up chairs and get ready for program


What: Kick off to the Annual Holiday Extravaganza, we sing for students and staff

When: Thursday, December 20, 9:30 AM

Wear: Same as above

Any questions? Email or call Ms. Garren at 485-8258 or




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